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Why Us? offers the best quality of Event Management services in the market today. Since its inception, we have provided superior services to our customers and have assisted them in achieving their goals. We have an experienced team of people who hold a strong commitment to excellence. Our persistent work excellence over a period of time has earned us the reputation of one of the best Event Management company.

  1. Committed to Serving the customers is our main goal.
  2. Honesty is our Capital
  3. We have permanent office at Savar, Dhaka,  it is open 9am-10pm everyday. You can trust us whenever you want to surprise your loved one & get  origna goods & Service.
  4.   We provide photo confirmation after the goods delivery. So we have no way to alter the product without your permission.
  5. We have permanent staff with photo ID. You can trust them to deliver the gift at your home. Remember, security does matter in Bangladesh when you let someone in your home.
  6. Always look for the licensed business. There are lot of illegal and ill-documented sites where you may loose your money.
  7. We are  the cheapest service provider with high qulaity Product & Service. You will always get what you will pay for. We pay more attention to the quality of goods & Service and overall service at any cost. The choice is yours to choose between us and any other service.
  8. Best in name, best in quality too.
  9. Our quality makes all the difference with others


Our Mission


We, at, aim to maintain our leadership in the service & products provider the pleasure of the dessert experience to all parts of the the region. We will continue to satisfy even the most pretentious clients, set the standards even higher, and offer great-tasting, high quality products and innovation,  that guarantee the ultimate satisfaction to your taste buds.

We are dedicated to creating a pleasing and warm welcoming environment for our clients, whilst we continue to exceed their expectations, and strive to learn and adjust to their wishes. 

About Us

For, the work is of utmost importance and it is always the number one priority. Drawing on a network of resources, venues, entertainers, and event specialists, We will help to transform your event into a rewarding and memorable experience for both you and your clients. We provide the Best Event Management Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh without actually asking any efforts from your part.

Our team offers quality and reliable services you can count on. We believe in turning client’s vision into reality and our team will exceed all your expectations., is an Event Organizer who offers a wealth of experience that enables to provide creative solutions in helping you create your event, while at the same time ensuring that the plan is realistic and will deliver the desired results.


Provide us with an opportunity if you hold any plans for any kind of event. We will take away the stress out of planning your event by acting as an interface between your goals and the complexities of organizing an event.Our Event Management Services with end-to-end solutions is brought to you backed by our strong in-house production and vendor relations to ensure you receive the best services at the best price.

About Sweets & Dairy Products


Bangladesh is a land of sweets. There are many kinds of sweets (in Bangla called ‘misti) in its 64 districts. The sweets outside of its capital city Dhaka are even more famous. It is a part of any celebration be it wedding, birthday, exam results, getting a new job, big improvement in any business, birth of a child etc. In Bangladeshi culture, Any good news must be accompanied with a packet of sweet.


We are committed  to serve our customers with high quality products by low price. Our In-house Product Development Kitchen staffed by Cooks with cosmic skill and cooking ability. Our production origination and traditional variety in cooking. Mixing traditional cooking methods with up-to-date technology. Confirmed roadway best of mutual confidence and Trust between customers and ourselves.